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SUNRIDGE BOTTLE DEPOT 3261-34 Avenue N.E. Calgary Alberta

Earn cash every time you recycle! Sunridge Bottle Depot will happily accept and offer a full deposit refund for all “ready-to-serve” beverage containers sold in Alberta.

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“Ready-to-serve” means any container with a beverage that can be consumed immediately after opening. This includes over 130,000 varieties of plastic drink bottles and jugs, Tetra containers, aluminum cans, glass bottles and metal cans.

Concentrate or powdered beverage containers are not considered “ready-to-serve” as they must be mixed prior to consumption, and are not eligible for a deposit refund.

Only beverage containers that have been purchased in Alberta are refundable in Alberta. If a container is registered for sale in Alberta it will have both English and French on the container and the size will be indicated in millilitres (mL), not ounces (oz).

What is a Deposit?

A deposit on beverage container is essentially your money. Whenever you purchase a “ready-to-serve” beverage in Alberta, you pay a small deposit for each container to the beverage manufacturer, which they temporarily hold “in trust” until the container is returned for recycling.

The deposit and refund amounts for containers are based on size, and not from the material they are made from.

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Aluminum Cans

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Glass Wine Bottles

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Plastic Containers

Typically, containers that are 1 litre or less (aluminum cans, wine bottles, etc) can be refunded for 10 cents each, and containers larger than 1 litre (pop bottles, plastic milk jugs, etc.) are refunded for 25 cents each.

When you bring your containers back to Sunridge Bottle Depot, located at 3261 34 Ave N.E., we pay you back the full deposit value in return for your empty containers.

This deposit system is consistent with Alberta’s waste management strategy, and encourages Albertans to minimize their environmental impact, and take responsibility for resource conservation.

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New to Calgary?

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Calgary is a bustling metropolis situated at the foothills of the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Calgarians pride themselves on giving back to their communities and keeping their city clean and thriving. And thanks to their efforts, Calgary recently topped a list of the world’s cleanest cities, according to a Mercer Global Financial report.

Bottle depots play a huge role in helping keep our city clean by helping divert recyclable containers away from landfills. Do your part and return all your “ready-to-serve” beverage containers to Sunridge Bottle Depot today at our 3261 34 Ave N.E. location.