Residential Bottle Depot Pick-up Services

Prompt and Reliable Bottle Pick-up Within 24hrs of Request

For our valued customers that would like to remain home during Covid-19 restrictions, we have implemented a residential pick-up service. Our reliable and prompt bottle depot pick-up services will collect your bottles within 24 hrs from the time you contact Sunridge Bottle Depot. There is no additional charge for this service.

There is no additional fees and no minimum order. We pay our standard rates of .10 for anything up to 1 litre, and .25 for anything over a litre. We would like to note that some of our competitors are paying less per item for pick up with rates of .07 and .20 respectfully. We value our clients and would like to thank you in advance for your patronage.

How it Works

Our clients can either call or text us directly at (403) 291-1088 or complete the contact form below. We will contact you and set up two hour pick-up time window on a specific day.

Once a time has been set, you have the option to place the items in a safe location on your property or you can wait until we arrive. Our bottle depot pick-up services team picks up the items, marks them with your address and delivers the recyclables to our facility for counting.

The email provided on the contact form is then used to e-transfer your refund to you. For our clients new to Interac e-transfer; it is a fast, secure and convenient method to send/receive money to anyone using online banking. The participating bank or credit union transfers the funds using established and secure banking procedures. The payment is completed within a 24 hour period from the pick-up time.

For our clients that do not use online banking, a cheque can be mailed to a provided address and postal code. As e-transfer is the primary method of payment for our customers, we ask that you indicate in the form that you require a cheque payment.

We also provide the option to connect you with Kidsport Calgary, our community partner. If you wish to donate your bottles to Kidsport, they will contact you for a time to pick up your recyclables with the same terms as our bottle depot pick-up services.

If you are interested in the new pick up option, Call or text us at (403) 291-1088 or complete the form below to schedule a time to have your bottles picked-up for free.

    Sunridge Bottle PickupKidsport Bottle donate Pickup

    At Sunridge Bottle Depot, we are working towards making recycling as easy as possible. You will receive an “IN YOUR AREA” email notification to alert you the next time Sunridge Bottle Depot is in your community for residential bottle pick-up. If you wish to opt-out from the mailing list, please unsubscribe.

    For our clients that want to skip the bottle depot and are new to residential pick up. We have been asked “how can I assure that my count it right?”

    One option is to pre-count your recyclables. All items up to and including 1L containers are worth .10 cents and containers above 1L are worth .25 cents. At Sunridge Bottle depot pick-up services we monitor all counts. If you have any questions or concerns please call us and we can review the footage of the count with you. We provide this service so that our clients can rest easy knowing that we are accurate, accountable and honest.